Welcome to M.R.M. ComSpec Services Inc.'s Medical Billing System. We are pleased that you are looking to join the many practitioners who have found that the ComSpec Medical Billing System is the most powerful, flexible and friendly clinic management software available today for personal computers.

In 1990, ComSpec initially developed a software package for the British Columbia Chiropractic Association to process thousands of claims daily for their service bureau department. Members from all over the province send in their claims and the system scans them into the computer, processes and submits the claims to the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia. Information is then received back from MSP to produce a variety of reports that allows each practitioner to track the status of each claim.

ComSpec used the core of the service bureau software and modified it for use in practitioner's clinics and called it Medical Billing System version 1.00. The package continued to evolve as requests for additional features were received and installed into the software. ComSpec now has Three packages available. A Windows based Lite version of the package, a Windows based Complete version and an on-line internet based system.

Some of the features of the ComSpec Medical Billing System include;

  • Multiple practitioner and discipline capable

  • Conversion of patient information and billing history from most other systems with a press of a button. No re-entry of data required!

  • Opted In, Opted Out and Soft Opted options available

  • Operates in Windows XP, Windows Visa, Windows 7 & 8 operating systems

  • Select patients by their Surname, First Name, Personal Health Number, Chart Number or Nickname

  • Appointment Scheduler can be configured for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute intervals

  • Telephone support that is always available